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Binnie Took the Biscuit

International Rescue: Binnie Sharon Smallbone, text and photo I’ve found myself caught in some ridiculous situations trying to help animals. But the Binnie saga probably took the biscuit. I was walking the dogs round the dirt track near my house and, unusually, I had to turn back and retrace my steps. If I remember rightly

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Sex, Yes Naturally!

It’s the woman who chooses… By Machteld Roede Translated into English by Greg Suffanti All images from my personal archives unless otherwise noted. A Red-Hot Hangover In his column in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Sander Donkers recently wrote about  a red Tomcat ‘who mounted females whenever he felt like it’. However, it is the

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The Journey of the Soul

The Seven Raven A Fairy Tale from the Brothers Grimm Retold and translated by Heidi Muijen and Greg Suffanti Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who had seven sons. They were very happy, but their joy was even greater when they finally had a daughter. However, she was particularly delicate and

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Free as a Bird

The Bird and the Golden Cage Taken from an ancient story and proverb Retold by Nivedita Yohana There was once a beautiful singing bird adopted by a lonely and caring woman who loved it and pampered it in any way she could think of. The woman had been walking in the woods one day near

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