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The Great Goose Rap

The king requested Dhritarashtra and would not be deterred! For he longed to meet this most spectacular bird. Bodhisattva was reborn as Dhritarashtra, king of geese, he spread the wondrous Dharma, his teachings would not cease, for everyone’s good karma he worked hard to increase, bringing harmony and love to all with incredible peace. The […]

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The Great Goose

Noble are the Bonds of True Friendship From: Buddha as an Animal, As Originally Told in the Jatakamala by Arya Shura Retelling and aquarelle illustrations by Greg Suffanti Thus it was said at one time … The Bodhisattva was reborn as Dhirtarachtra, the king of geese, he spread the wondrous Dharma, his teachings did never

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Feathered Love

Every Bird Sings as it Should Hummingbird Travels with Condor to Visit God A myth from the Andes, Peru Retold by Heidi Muijen & translated into English by Greg Suffanti In ancient times only the Condor could visit God. Its incredible strength and enormous wings were needed to make the journey beyond the sun, moon

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The Journey of the Soul

The Seven Raven A Fairy Tale from the Brothers Grimm Retold and translated by Heidi Muijen and Greg Suffanti Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who had seven sons. They were very happy, but their joy was even greater when they finally had a daughter. However, she was particularly delicate and

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Free as a Bird

The Bird and the Golden Cage Taken from an ancient story and proverb Retold by Nivedita Yohana There was once a beautiful singing bird adopted by a lonely and caring woman who loved it and pampered it in any way she could think of. The woman had been walking in the woods one day near

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