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Editorial statute QFWF

The purpose of this statute is to guarantee the independence of the journalistic and exploratory content of the Quest for wisdom sites (hereinafter the QFWF sites) —

To this end, it regulates the position of all parties involved in these websites as publisher and digital platform.

Publisher: Quest for wisdom foundation (QFWF)

  1. The publisher regulates and monitors the form and content of QFWF sites.
  2. The publisher monitors the independence of QFWF sites.
  3. The publisher clearly states the purpose of these platforms.
  4. The purpose of QFWF sites and any changes thereto are determined by the publisher.
  5. The identity is the entirety of the content characteristics of the sites. The site concept consists of the name and its appearance, being titles and logos.
  6. Titles and logos of QFWF sites, and any changes thereto, are determined by the publisher.
  7. The editorial formula: being a site layout, navigation, with or without animation, and so on, the journalistic content, including journalistic services, and so on.
  8. The editorial formula, and any amendment thereof, is determined by the publisher.
  9. The publisher publishes a colophon containing relevant information, including the name of the publisher, address details, telephone, e-mail addresses, and so on.
  10. No commercial advertisements will be placed on QFWF sites.
  11. In order to guarantee the integrity of the web editors and the relationship of trust with the visitor, reader or end user of the platforms — hereinafter referred to as the end user — the publisher will approach the end user in all openness. To reinforce these goals, the publisher provides all relevant information required for open communication.
  12. The publisher informs the end user of its policy regarding the collection of personal information and the end user’s behavior within the platforms. If this policy is deviated from, the end user will always be warned in advance. Furthermore, the end user is offered an opt-out option to revoke data already collected.
  13. The publisher informs the end user of its privacy protection policy.
  14. The publisher ensures that the end user can consult the editorial statute within its own platform.

Independence of QFWF sites: the QFWF Editor-in-chief and the QFWF Editorial board 

  1. In this statute, the term QFWF sites includes any platform for electronic information exchange, such as the websites, a database connected to a public network, e-mail products, Facebook, the QFWF video channel, Newsletter Spinning web, ….
  2. The QFWF Editor-in-Chief invites QFWF authors[1] and gives them the opportunity to publish on the QFWF sites.
  3. The QFWF Editor-in-Chief checks in advance whether the material supplied and to be placed meets the objectives of the QFWF.
  4. The decision of the QFWF Editor-in-Chief in this regard is normative and is not up for discussion.
  5. The QFWF Editor-in-Chief carries out the tasks within the editorial formula, without influence from outside and inside.
  6. The QFWF Editor-in-Chief operates on the principles of editorial independence, reliability and expertise in reporting, analysis and opinion.
  7. The QFWF Editorial Board monitors and advises on the quality of material posted on QFWF sites.

Everyone’s morsel of wisdom contributes to the Quest for Wisdom!


[1] QFWF authors are authors, actors, artists, designers, drafters, photographers, illustrators, video and film makers and other producers of text, images, sound, and stakeholders who provided texts and other materials to one or more of the QFWF sites.


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