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The Quest for wisdom foundation (hereinafter the QFWF) is the publisher and operator of a number of websites.
It concerns the QFWF sites:
These sites are protected by copyright under the Copyright Act and/or the appropriate QFWF author.[1]

The published content and works of these sites are under the auspices (QFWF). The copyright of material on these sites: the texts, poetry, photos, digital art, music, songs, … rests with the relevant QFWF authors[1] and with the relevant publishers if material has previously been offered to them.

QFWF material for study, personal use and other non-commercial purposes

Any use of material (reproduction, editing, translation, storage, disclosure, processing, display on websites, forums, databases or other electronic media and systems) — except for personal and study use without distribution or other legal restriction — requires prior written permission from the QFWF author1 and from the QFWF.
Contact about this.

The QFWF welcomes when visitors to the QFWF-sites use material on this site for study, personal use and other non-commercial purposes.
Copying and downloading of content on the QFWF-sites in this sense is permitted, with explicit reference to the sources. If possible, by placing links to these QFWF-sites and to the sites of the QFWF author[1] and any publishers of the relevant contribution.

Commercial use of QFWF material

Further distribution to third parties and/or any other use of QFWF material for commercial purposes with explicit permission from interested parties and without acknowledgment of the source is not permitted.

The QFWF respects intellectual property

Sources are intended to do justice to the QFWF author[1] of the textual, visual, audiovisual or other media material. De QFWF and the QFWF-sites respect the intellectual property of QFWF authors[1] and third parties.
In doing so, the QFWF wants to ensure as much as possible to honor the efforts of those involved and interested parties and to give them the appreciation to which they are entitled.

When citing and paraphrasing the source is copyrighted.




[1] QFWF authors are authors, actors, artists, designers, drafters, photographers, illustrators, video and film makers and other producers of text, images, sound, and stakeholders who provided texts and other materials to one or more of the QFWF sites.

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