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Hummingbird Travels with Condor to Visit God

A myth from the Andes, Peru
Retold by Heidi Muijen & translated into English by Greg Suffanti
In ancient times only the Condor could visit God. Its incredible strength and enormous wings were needed to make the journey beyond the sun, moon and stars to paradise.

Every time Condor came to God, the gates to paradise were hospitably opened to this majestic bird. And God received the prayers, songs, and offerings of his people with pleasure. While doing so, Condor did not dare to look at God directly into his eyes, but humbly averted his gaze.

As soon as he returned to earth, he again flew daily in small and large circles, through the skies, collecting the fervent wishes of all his people, keeping them safe under his plumage before his next appearance before God.

However, Hummingbird changed that ritual dance before God. In Hummingbird’s ardent desire to meet God, this feathered soul flew from flower to flower and savored its divine nectar ― fluttering contentedly along this path to the divine paradisiacal gardens, replete with the waters and the tree of life!

Hummingbird: flying joy – Colibri thalassinus[1]

One day, just as the sun was at its zenith, Hummingbird flew not toward the next flower, but straight up to Condor and right into his huge plumage!

In his vast flight, Condor plucked from the sky the roaring cries of the Amazon forest, gasping for breath and dying from the illegal woodcutting and the burning of its forests. How to carry these cries of despair under his right wing? Condor was so preoccupied that he paid no attention to that tickle under his left wing, where Hummingbird happily had nestled herself.

When they reached the gardens of paradise, Hummingbird let out a shout of joy and flew out from under Condor’s wing. At last this sweet bird saw her desire fulfilled: she flew atop to God’s throne!

“Welcome, little one, how long you have kept me waiting!
You and your strong carrier are both welcome here.
Because your courage stoked your desire to go into the fire of love and to undertake this journey, it is to you whom I entrust my greatest secrets.”

And so it happened.

Since then, Condor with his devotion and great power, and the cheerfully dancing Hummingbird, both carry God’s wisdom in their souls until the end of time.

These two birds inspire us to transcend both fear and aggression, submission and domination by flying on the wings of joy, faithfulness and loving desire.
Source: Ross Heaven (2009). The Hummingbird’s Journey to God. Perspectives on San Pedro, the Cactus of Vision & Andean Soul Healing Methods. Winchster (UK)/ Washington (USA): O-books, pp. 14-21.

[1] Source: Colibri thalassinus

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