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Sex, Yes Naturally!

It’s the woman who chooses… By Machteld Roede Translated into English by Greg Suffanti All images from my personal archives unless otherwise noted. A Red-Hot Hangover In his column in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Sander Donkers recently wrote about  a red Tomcat ‘who mounted females whenever he felt like it’. However, it is the …

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Feathered Love

Every Bird Sings as it Should Hummingbird Travels with Condor to Visit God A myth from the Andes, Peru Retold by Heidi Muijen & translated into English by Greg Suffanti In ancient times only the Condor could visit God. Its incredible strength and enormous wings were needed to make the journey beyond the sun, moon …

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Ananse and Crocodile

Ewe/ Akan people story from the Volta region in Ghana Told by Kofi Dorvlo Ananse and the crocodile were friends and they contributed their quota to the development of the village in which they reside. The inhabitants in the village found crocodile to be good at block laying and entrusted most of the work in …

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Ant Leaves Camel Stunned

An Arabian Fairy Tale, source: Mirbat Castle[1] Retold by Joke Koppius and Greg Suffanti One day while crossing the savanna, a camel saw an ant carrying an enormous load across the steppe. The tiny creature was carrying a big twig, easily ten times bigger than herself. The camel stood a long time studying the busy …

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