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One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of these e-books will be used in realizing our upcoming QFWF educational projects, all of which are non-profit and run by volunteers.

Early bird price until April 1, 2022: € 9.50 per e-book
QFWF Friends and Early bird price until April 1, 2022: € 7.50 per e-book

Can be downloaded as a full-colour PDF or as an e-book after purchase
  • Intercultural storytelling bundles
  • Story collections from cultural storytelling traditions from North, South, East, West
  • Dutch and/or English and/or Multilingual editions


  1. Dieren Wijsheid uit Noord, Zuid, Oost en West (NL, 2022, ISBN: 978 94 921 27099)
  2. Wisdom of Animals ― North, South, East & West (EN, 2022, ISBN: 978 94 921 27 105)
  3. Buddha as an Animal (EN, 2022, ISBN: 978 94 921 27 075)

Available soon

4. Indian Stories in the Panchatantra tradition (EN, 2022)
5. Caught in the Cosmic Web: Ghanaian Folk Tales in the Twenty-First Century (EN, Akan/Twi, Ewe, and NL, 2022)
6. Madagaskar, Land van Orale Cultuur, Lemuren en Kameleons (NL, 2022)

E-book prices

Orders via
Please transfer the amount to NL14 TRIO 0777827654 in the name of the Quest for wisdom foundation (QFWF) in Weesp (NL)
After the payment is received, you will receive the download link by mail.

  • Early bird price until April 1, 2022: € 9.50 per e-book
  • QFWF Friends and Early bird price until April 1, 2022: € 7.50 per e-book

After April 1, 2022:

  • € 12.50 per e-book
  • QFWF Friend € 9.50 per e-book

QFWF friends

If you like to help realizing the goals of the QFWF:
please become a QFWF friend!


Dialogue and games

Art dialogues for education and pleasure:

  • A digital game with symbols and stories, taken from the Wheel of Intercultural Art of Living: game Quest for Wisdom
  • A mythical philosophical board game — elaborated in six game rounds — Know yourself!
  • A generative dialogue table — elaborated with symbols in four dialogue rounds — What is your quest?
  • An intercultural communication game — Adinkra

Masterclasses and teaching modules

Intercultural lesson for Basic education: Animal wisdom for citizenship education

  • Teaser can be downloaded from November 2021 after a donation of € 5.50.

See for information

Masterclass Intercultural Communication: based on Adinkra — intercultural communication game

  • For information and registration see — Adinkra

Masterclasses and workshops on the Intercultural Art of Living:

Requests and information:


  • Through your financial and substantive contributions the QFWF will be sustainable!
  • The QFWF has a cultural ANBI status
  • What that means according to the tax authorities in the Netherlands is explained here: public benefit institutions/cultural ANBI.
    Because the QFWF has a cultural ANBI status, there is an extra tax advantage, because an extra donation deduction applies.
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