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The QFWF Animal Wisdom Team

We are extremely proud of the many people who are involved in shaping Quest 2, Pillar 5, Storytelling: Animal Wisdom!

visual and musical arts, technical and artistic design, (inter)cultural storytelling bundles (ebooks), teaching materials and games, the development of the AW site…

AW Authors, Actors and other Muses

Annelie van Steenbergen, Arnout Dalkman, Caroline Young, Chrisje Ronde, Ellen Grootoonk, Geertje Siegmund, Greg Suffanti, Heidi Muijen, Henry Muldrow, Johann Gomes, Joke Koppius, Josee Tesser, Kofi Dorvlo, Laurens Gomes, Louis Van Marissing, Louise Müller, Machteld Roede, Marcel Reyners, Marie-Claire Marx, Michael Susanto, Mirelvo Romano, Mitra Muijen, Nivedita Yohana, Nour Kayali, Robin Stemerding, Rose Bibi, Tess van Dongen, Veronica Huisintveld



Heidi Muijen, Joke Koppius, Editors-in-Chief

Editorial board, editorial team

Angela Roothaan, Chrisje Ronde, Erik Hoogcarspel, Gea Smit, Greg Suffanti, Nivedita Yohana, Rosalie de Wildt, Tess van Dongen, Wim van de Laar

Technical-artistic Support

Alex Brandsma, Flavio Bagioli, Geertje Siegmund, Jan Broenink

AW Activities

3-d art, brush paintings, colored pencil drawings, dance, design, e-books, editing, layout, mp3, mp4, music, oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, pencil drawings, photos, poetry, prose, QFWF meeting days, shamanic drumming, songs, storytelling, texts, translations, videos, watercolours, web design, webmaster and more!

Update 2021-11
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